March 30, 2018
Hope for Drug Addicts as New Rehabilitation Centre Opens
Drug addicts could soon be on their way to full recovery.
Newly founded rehabilitation center, Quit Drugs Now, announced today that they have opened a center in
Central America to help drug addicts quit the habit. In his statement, the founder of the Center said that the new program targets drug addicts who are ready to stop. The new program will be recruiting addicts who are prepared to quit and taking them to the rehabilitation center ten at a time. The first ten selected people will be ready to leave for the camp anytime from now.
This new program will be available to people who are serious about quitting drugs or those with family members ready to quit. Those who are interested are encouraged to write an email to the director of the program with the subject line, “I am ready to quit.” The email address is QUITNOW.LIVE@GMAIL.COM. Interested candidates should proceed to tell the director about their drug use problem. They are also encouraged to be honest about it to receive help.
Entertainment will be provided at night to keep boredom at bay. A former marine himself, the director stated that the new rehabilitation center would be similar to military boot camp. Patients will be expected to engage in physical exercise to keep their minds and body fresh. The center will provide excellent food; doctors and counseling staff will also be available to sort any issues. The only things that will be missing are the drugs.
Random urine tests will be performed to keep track of every individual’s progress. Insisting on the issue of discipline, the Center’s founder pointed out that the new Rehab Centre will be a drug-free zone. Those found breaking the rules will face either of two consequences. In his exact words,
“There will be urine tests on unannounced schedules. You break the rules, you’ve got two choices. We will decide which choice you get. One is to go home
immediately, and the other is to turn you over to the authorities. I promise you, you do not want to be in a jail in Central America. “
Touching on the effectiveness of the new program, the director stated that the program would be expensive but worth every penny. Successful candidates will be able to live a drug-free life after going through the program.
Those who are interested in the program can get more information from the Centre’s new website,, which will be available soon. They can also send questions or request further information through the Center’s email address QUITNOW.LIVE@GMAIL.COM.
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