How to choose the right teen detox treatment center
Knowing your loved one is suffering from an addition on a substance can be overwhelming. You may feel a sense of panic or guilt as to not discovering earlier, you may also feel confused about the options for treatment. When you are looking to help a teenager gets sober, it’s important to look out a detox center that best suits your needs. As a parent or a care giver, knowing what to look out for in order to get the best detox center for teens is essential. A teen is in a critical stage of their lives mentally, emotionally, physically and otherwise, it’s only appropriate that the right program which focuses on a teen is chosen. More so, the kind of treatment one gets can impact your journey towards sobriety. Some of the factors to consider when evaluating programs and looking for the best detox center for teens include
Quality of Staff
a.When considering the right and appropriate treatment for your teen, one of the most important factors to consider is trust. Building trust with the staff is very important. From the start, there has to be some empathy because most individuals suffering from substance addiction have trust issues. The staff involved should be able to listen to your story and offer individualized support. Staff who are firm and are also emphatic can help build a relationship of trust which helps the individual to focus on achieving recovery.
It would be great to consider an accredited rehab facility. When looking out for a facility, look for one that is accredited by the Joint Commission. What this means is that the rehab center has been reviewed by a panel of experts. It’s services is validated by these panelists. The accreditation certification also creates and helps the facility imbibe a culture of excellence and assists the center and it’s administration in helping to develop programs that helps in providing clients with increased recovery success and long term value. Irrespective of this, there’s no one size fits all formula exists while choosing the best detox center for teens. However, understanding the factors that makes a rehab facility appropriate helps you find a solution that works for your loved one.
Addiction Specific Treatment
Some people aren’t aware that some facilities specializes in specific addiction. Some treatment centers specialty covers alcohol addition, some in drugs addiction and some others, eating or some behavioural health disorders. It is essential that you find a facility with trained staff specific to the addiction you intend to treat as it also impacts greatly on the teen and their recovery process.
Lifestyle Considerations
When choosing a rehab, it’s important that you consider the lifestyle culture of the facility. Different facilities have different special accommodations for specific age groups, religious observances, LGBTQ individuals and mentally or physically disabled people.
If a facility specializes in these areas, the journey to recovery becomes easier and faster when an individual is placed in the right detox center.

Where is the facility located,
granada,nicaragua is it located in an urban or a rural area? Is it located in a noisy or a quiet environment? This is also a factor to consider as an individual suffering from addiction needs to be in a place where they can relax. More so, it is important that they are secluded from people and situations that can possibly trigger a relapse. Recovery is a hard process and requires commitment and hardworking from the individual, solitude and peace is necessary for this journey.
Extended Care and Long Term Programs
Extended Care is referred to as an ongoing treatment which continues after a patient has completed an initial course of rehabilitation. Usually, these can happen in a number of ways, from a private therapy to regular attendance at self help groups to treatment at extended care facilities. In order for a patient to support their sobriety, they are usually inclined to choose some form of extended care or long term program. In looking for the right facility for a loved one, it’s important to look out for one which supports extended care programs. If a person stays or are people or groups that encourages sobriety, the likelihood of relapse becomes minimal compared to where the person immediately returns to a home environment. Usually, how long this program lasts for is dependent on the overall progress of the patient. By using structured treatment programs, patients who are in recovery tend to find news ways of thinking and also acting. These changes guides against slipping back into the previous or another destructive habit and dependencies.

Finding a good detox center for teens doesn’t have to be a daunting task if you are armed with the right information. With the factors listed above, you are on the path to choosing right.
Drug addiction is an epidemic that is affecting our society and ruining the lives of our loved ones each day. It is characterized by the uncontrollable and compulsive use of drugs both prescription as well as illegal.
Quitting drug use is usually not as simple as having a strong will to stop. Addiction is a complex condition that changes the way our brain works, interfering with your ability to resist the urge to take drugs. At the rehabilitation centre, we offer treatment that will help you manage the addiction. Located in Central America, we offer a client tailored and centred residential treatment package that is guaranteed to drastically improve your physical, social, and emotional well-being and allow you function normally without drug use. 
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•    There is a qualified and licensed doctor on standby 24/7 to walk with you through your journey.
•    Wholesome diet options expertly prepared by an in-house chef and nutritionist to ensure your dietary needs are amply taken care of.
•    Addiction can be quite draining physically, exposing you to other risks. There is a gym on site to help you build
your physical strength back up.
Support staff that is trained and has extensive experience in dealing with drug addiction and other related conditions.
•    There is wholesome entertainment every evening with limited triggers for use.
As with every other facility of integrity, we have rules that help govern the activities within the facility and that outline the appropriate and acceptable conduct within the premises.
We are an institution that is focused on providing help to people who serious in their quest to turn around their lives. Breaking any of the said rules can lead to you being expelled from the facility without refund or consequently turned over to the authorities depending on the extent of misconduct.   
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